Bird of Paradise – Svarga Dvidasana

Benefits –
Balance and Flexibility
Leg Strength
Hip Opener stretches Groin

Opening Meditation with Easy Sukasana

Seated side bends (coming back to center and lift thru ribs)
Gentle chest stretch
Seated gentle twist (clasp hands overhead with gentle twist heart to right and then left)

Extended Balasana
Table top
Table top with shoulder stretches

Down dog (walk it out)

Surya A – 2 times

Surya B – warrior 1 with humble warrior

Down dog with twist

Vinyasa to anjayasana with twist both sides

Vashistasana with push up in between


Vinyasa to
Warrior 2
Reverse Warrior
Warrior 2
Upward crescent
Ardha chandrasana
-repeat this on left-

Plank hold
Elbow plank hold
Repeat several times

Warrior 2
Birds of paradise
–repeat left side

Plank jacks


Seated twists


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