Easy Sukhasana

Opening Meditation
Seated Side bend

From all four to

Downdog to Forward Fold

Open to side – sunflowers

Sun Salute Variation A
Step back in lunge, knee down, breathe arms up

Sun Salute Variation B

Vinyasa with double chatarunga
Add Warrior 1
Humble Warrior
Warrior 1 with Eagle Arms
Warrior 1
High Lunge
Warrior 3
Knee lift (arms up
Step back into lunge
VINYASA and repeat other side

Knee to chest
Knee to outside right elbow
Knee to  inside left elbow
repeat and then lengthen bottom leg (r) right hand under shoulder, lift to split plank
3-legged dog

Pigeon with corner stretch

Repeat other side

Vinyasa double chat
repeat other side

Extended Puppy



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