Balance, strength and power flow

Opening Meditation

Seated (Easy Sukasana)
Lateral side bends
Lift chest to sky, hands walk back on earth

All Fours
Cat/Cow (find breath)
Spinal Balance x 2

Surya Namaskar C (arms up) x 2
Surya Namaskar C (variation) – High lunge / Full chatarunga x 2

Uttanasana (grab big toes with peace fingers)
Lunge Right leg – Lizard Pose
Lunge Left leg – Lizard Pose

Three-legged dog
Bend leg, hip opener
Step thru, back to lizard, knee on ground
Shift weight back, hamstring stretch
(complete this on both sides)

Balance – Big Toe Extension (start off with a high knee lift)
Back to knee lift
Warrior 3
(both sides)

Revolved Hand to Big Toe Extension (Parivrrta Hasta Padangusthasana)
Twist (Grab outside of right foot with left hand, extend right hand back, lift chest)
(both sides)

Three legged dog
High lunge into balancing stick
(both sides)

Pigeon on both sides (sleeping pigeon)
chaturunga challenge (3 legged) x 2

Downdog (breath)

Baddha Konosana
Grab toes with peace fingers, lift heart and extend legs (V)
Legs lifted, hands together
Grab toes
Archer’s pose right
Archer’s pose left

Obliques (palms together, shift hands to right then left)


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