Delicious Yin Yoga Flow – Spine Urinary Bladder Kidneys

Opening Meditation

Seated lateral side bend (easy, both sit bones on ground, don’t overdo it)
All fours – Cat/Cow (focus on Ujayi breath)
Dragon Low to Dragon Twist option (3 min each side)

Half Dragon Splits leg on diagonal explore femur external/internal rotation (3 min each side)


Tadpole (2 mins)
Frog (3 mins)
Windshield wipers

Cat Pulling It’s Tail (with strap) 5 mins
(start off in a reclining twist, then grab strap, loop in foot and extend top leg…then, grab the top of the bottom foot)
(Do both sides)

Supported Supine Butterfly (with strap and bolster) 5 mins
(place boster behind so there is a mild back bend to open up the front of the body…place strap around body/feet so that the muscles are left to relax and no work is required for this pose…simply let go)

Support Bridge Pose (with Block) 3 mins
Lift one leg or both legs – breathe in through nose, out through mouth to release toxins

Supta bhadda konasana


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